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NYU Fall 2013 Semester Core Curriculum Course MAP-UA_400 under Professors Lisa Gitelman and Erica Robles-Anderson
One of the most important goals in this class is the development of a relationship with and approach to discourse.  One way we can do this is to participate in a discourse community—a group of peers who discuss issues as a way to discover, explore, and test their own ideas.   Each week students are asked to tweet to each other about the works they are reading and in response to one another in order to foster a deeper engagement with the texts we are reading and the ideas they put forth.  
Follow our class's amazing discussion here!
Hashtag Key
#TxtsNIdeas              course hashtag
#PMeno                           Plato's Meno
#PpnsnWar                    Thucydides' 
                     The Peloponnesian War
#Gnss                 the book of Genesis
#Mtw               the Gospel of Matthew
#Albti          Leon Alberti "On Painting"
#txtiDa              new course hashtag
#Mtgn Essays of Michel de Montaigne
    #Oid                            "On Idleness"
    #MtJ "That it is Madness to Judge..."
    #OCnbl                      "On Cannibals"
    #OCch                         "On Coaches"
    #Oin              "On the Inconstancy..."
    #tPT  Vol. 1 No. 1 The Philosophical
#Dcrt Descartes' Discourse on Method
#ShLee                            Sheppard Lee
#Freud            Interpretation of Dreams
#Brges             "Funes  the Memorious"
#Loos                  "Ornament and Crime"
#LUNPFM                  Let Us Now Praise                                           Famous Men
#NYCArch    Extra Cr. Architecture Walk
#VBush                      "As We May Think"

Texts & Ideas: Objectivity Twitter Feed

Credit for wording and structure of this course interaction via Twitter belongs to Rachel Tanner at University of Oregon. She developed this model in her composition courses at UO.

To see some of the dynamic photos our group discussions produced, please click here.

This class also participated in several "Slow Knowing" exercises, including one trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a Listening Experiment with Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Transcription Exercises.  All of these have been written up on my blog, The Mental Sphere.

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