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New Materialism: Embodiment, Matter, and Meaning

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What began as a project of mutual support whilst reading Karen Barad's Meeting the Universe Halfway: The Entanglement of Matter and Meaning has grown into an online community that meets occasionally on livestreamed and video-archived Google+ hangouts to read and discuss theoretical and philosophical works collected around our theme of Embodiment and Materiality.


We read works from the classical,

medieval, and early modern

historical periods, as well as

Feminist, Marxist, and New Materialist

works of contemporary theory to try

to draw connections across

disciplines and throughout history,

always with an eye towards making

matter "legible" and "significant"

to us as scholars today. 


At present, the group is on hiatus,

howeveri, if you would like to

convene another set of readings,

most of us are open to suggestions.





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